Teen Classes

Here are current programs that I have on offer:
(* Denotes projects that I did with the RI libraries in summer 2011)

*Button Making Blast ($125)
Students will use recycled materials like maps, sheet music,
magazines, and old dictionaries to create personalized circle designs,
which are transformed, like magic, via the student-operated button
press into fabulous one-of-a-kind art buttons for them to wear home
and give as gifts. Students can expect to make 5 – 10 buttons each.
(This could be themed, if desired!)

Everything Earrings ($125)
We’ll learn how to make earrings and spend the class practicing our
new metalworking skills. Students will make at least 5 pairs of
earrings, in general.

*Shrinky Dink Self-Portraits ($125)
You are here, but who are you? Students will use mirrors, markers, and
colored pencils to create self-portraits that, through use of words
and images, tell a story about themselves. Students can also trace
pre-made designs to add some flair to their necklaces. Each student
will leave with at least 2 finished necklaces and a take-home shrink

*Art Journals Are Awesome ($150)
Using collage materials like recycled books, magazines, sheet music,
and road atlases, students will create a visual story of their lives.
Students will write, draw, and collage images that represent their
childhoods, favorite people, and their home or neighborhood. Each
student will leave with a handmade journal and a creativity kit to
help them continue art journaling at home.

Recycled Denim Pendants ($150)
We’ll use recycled denim fabric, buttons, and ribbons to create a
puffy heart necklace (with optional scented lavender stuffing). We’ll
learn basic sewing skills and create these one-of-a-kind necklaces to
wear home.

Button Charm Bracelets ($150)
We’ll use the mini button maker to create charms that we’ll use to
make fabulous stretchy charm bracelets and necklaces. Charms can be
customized with students’ choice of images and text to create a unique
wearable art statement piece.

Duct Tape Roses ($150)
We’ll use pretty & patterned duct tape to create a bouquet of
beautiful roses! Most students will be able to finish at least three

Magical Potion Pendants ($150)
We’ll create our own shimmering potions and turn them into potion
pendants that act like miniature snow globes. A very cool project that
you have to see to believe! Most students will be able to make a few
pendants during the class.

Lipgloss Madness ($150)
You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to create lipgloss! We’ll make our
own flavored lipgloss using a few simple ingredients. Adding color and
glitter adds some optional pizazz to our creations. You’ll be able to
name your creations and share extra pots of gloss with your friends
and family. (This project is a little messy, but lots of fun!)

Shrinky Dink Charm Bracelets ($175)
Students create unique charms and use jump rings & pliers to create
their own charm bracelet masterpieces. This class requires 1.5 hours.
Students will complete one bracelet and several necklaces to take home
that day. (Works better with teens aged 12 and up)

Glam Nails Manicure Party ($175)
We’ll use potions and powders to create out own shimmering and vibrant
nail polish creations. Students will make 3 – 4 bottles of completely
custom glitter nail polish to take home.

Duct Tape Wallets ($175)
We’ll use pretty & patterned duct tape to create one-of-a-kind duct
tape purses and wallets. Most students will be able to complete one
purse and one wallet.

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